Distillerie du Fjord - the distillery

Welcome to Distillerie Du Fjord, the first micro-distillery in the Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean region. It is set in the Québec boréal forest with the Saguenay Fjord and the Monts-Valin nature reserve at its doorstep.


Km12 is a London dry gin, where botanicals are distilled with neutral grain spirit (corn) and no other flavours are added after distillation.

It was named after the location of the natural water source, twelve kilometres into the Monts-Valin nature reserve, which was used to make the award-winning gin in the early days of the distillery. Today, fresh water is supplied to the distillery from the surrounding Monts-Valin region.

Botanicals are hand picked in the boréal forest where the distillery is located. Organic juniper berries add depth and complexity with their woody, citrus and spicy characteristics.

Upon opening the bottle, you encounter an explosion of fresh pine, fruit and floral aromas - like Christmas in a bottle or a walk in the forest. Pine is the predominant aroma, although you also get cherry, rose water, cardamom, nutmeg and a hint of eucalyptus.

Smooth, fresh and elegant, this gin does a little dance on the palate with flavours of sweet pine and gentle citrus and floral notes. Exquisite!


Balsam fir buds • peppery green alder • pine forest spikenard • wild raspberry leaves • myrica gale • organic juniper berries

Km12 Botanicals

Gin Km12 with Medal

ABV: 40%

VOL: 700ml

Distillerie du Fjord – Km12 Gin – 700ml $110.00


Km12 Flavor Profile


A sipping gin, Km12 is perfect neat or on the rocks. Also try it with a premium tonic, in a Martini or in one of these classic cocktails: Clover Club, Aviation and Blue Moon.


2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Gold medal

2017 New York International Spirits Competition

Québec Gin Distillery of the Year

2019 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition

Gold medal

2019 Singapore World Spirits Competition

Gold medal

Credit for flavor chart design: www.theginisin.com