In their own words, Cirka Distilleries are inspired by Montréal’s creative energy, cultural diversity and renowned "epicuriosity". A true expression of who they are and where they live, their products reflect Québec’s rich terroir, with high quality grains, pristine water and unique aromatic botanicals from the northern boréal forest

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"Sauvage" means wild in French and this gin is just that! It combines the unique aromatics of Québec’s boréal forest with 30 plus roots, shoots, fruits and flowers to create a beguiling, expressive gin.

For the gin's spirit base, Cirka uses their own Vodka Terroir, which they distil in a custom pot still. Using a combination of maceration and botanical baskets, the result is a unique, balanced and complex gin that can be enjoyed neat or mixed in cocktails.


Pine is present but not overpowering. Floral and fruity notes are balanced harmoniously with rich bergamot, licorice, and cloves.


Creamy and velvety, multiple flavours on the palate suggest elderflower, lavender, sweet orange, cinnamon and fennel seed, with no single botanical taking centre stage.

Robust yet complex, this is a great base for mixing craft cocktails, with different pairings enhancing different aspects of its character.

Gin Sauvage with Award

ABV: 44%

VOL: 700ML

Cirka Distilleries Gin Sauvage $119.00


Cirka Gin Sauvage Flavour Profile


2016 New York International Spirits Competition

Québec Distillery of the Year

2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Bronze Medal

2017 American Distilling Institute Spirits Awards(International Grain-to-Glass)

Silver Medal

2018 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition

Gold Medal