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Winters are harsh; the northeast wind rips across the estuarine river and rocky headlands, while the smell of smoked fish pervades the air as the boats return to dock.

Distillerie du St. Laurent makes products that are a reflection of the region, its climate and traditions – mixed in with a good deal of innovation and eccentricity!


Distilled in small batches, St. Laurent Gin is an all-natural, hand-crafted gin.

After a steam infusion of exotic spices in a custom-designed gin-basket, laminaria seaweed is macerated in the resulting distillate to extract umami flavours, which form the base notes of this gin.

On the nose, it is like a sea breeze, interspersed with intense herbal and citrus notes, peppery spices and cinnamon.

Pair with a mediterranean-style tonic and any kind of seafood. Try it sprinkled on oysters with a squeeze of lemon!


Juniper berry • coriander seed • angelica root • cassia bark • licorice root • lemon peel • bitter orange peel • cubeb berry • grain of paradise • laminaria seaweed (kombu)


Red Snapper, Martini, Gimlet, Tom Collins, Gin Rickey

St. Laurent with Medal

ABV: 43%

VOL: 700ml

Distillerie du St. Laurent Gin $114.00


Distillerie du St. Laurent Gin Flavor Profile


New York International Spirits Competition 2016

Canadian Gin Distillery of the Year

Revue du vin de France

"One of the ten major spirits discovered in 2017"

Québec Whisky

"I think this is the best gin I have tasted to this day! Luscious and original, I love it!"

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